Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shortness Heightens Heart Risk

Today I just go to my bookshelf to look for some book that I can read to spend my free time. Guess what? Reader's Digest book! Although it is August 2010, it's okay since reading that book is very interesting no matter how many times you read it. It just like you buy a new book every times you read it. After some enjoying my time reading it, my eyes caught an attention to the Health Smart section,Shortness Heightens Heart Risk.
So, I want to share this with all my blog readers:
Short people have a higher risk of heart disease. Finish researchers suggested in the European Heart Journal that women under 1.53m and men shorter than 1.65m are 1.5 times more likely to develop and die from heart disease.
Studies showed that there is a strong link between stature and heart disease risk, although the reason is not conclusively clear. It could be that shorter people have shorter blood vessels to the heart, whch may make it easier to clog. But researchers say that short people should not worry unduly. There are also other factors like weight, lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking and exercise that contribute to heart risk.
This does not mean that tall people are protected against heart disease, only that short adults should pay attention and realize their increased risk.
What's most important for maintaining a healthy heart is to exercise regularly, eat a healthy and balanced diet, stop smoking and watch your weight.

I also found that, they also have the post in their website: Instead of reading about that post, we may also get a knowledge about other things on health. Hopefully you enjoy it!


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