Saturday, May 8, 2010

Exercise Tips For Teen Girls

It has been observed that many girls, when they hit their teens, stop taking exercise. This reduced physical activity not only leads to laziness, it makes them put on weight because they have become inactive. That is why teen girls especially need to exercise regularly once they reach adolescence, otherwise they might become obese adults – which leads to many health problems.
You can explain to your teenage daughter that there are many rewards to exercising regularly – she will have a positive body image, increased flexibility and stamina, increased strength, higher self-esteem, improved social skills, and decreased levels of stress and depression. Talk to your teenage daughter, explain to her that she needs to exercise and she shouldn’t avoid it. It would be a good idea to exercise with her, that way she has a role model.

Show your teen girl how different sports are played, explain the terms of each. Understanding plays a key role in encouraging her to go ahead and try them. Discourage her from thinking that exercise and sports are boring – show her that they can be fun. Incorporate exercise into your routine – go for a morning jog every day, go swimming on weekends. Head to the beach on holidays and play some volleyball. Even Frisbee throwing is a great sport. Even making her enroll in a physical activity class could do wonders.
An important thing to remember is that you can always ask your teen daughter’s teachers and counselors for help on physical activities in the locality. Find local exercise classes, and try out various different things like dance, etc. The idea is to be physically active and take exercise. Don’t forget to praise her – positive feedback is essential, this will encourage your daughter to exercise more


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