Monday, February 16, 2009

Ten Tips to Cope With Stress

Tip 1
Take physical exercise, even if it's only walking. Your physical health affects how you experience stress.

Tip 2
Don't be tempted to work longer and longer hours. Try to work more effectively. Tiredness increases stress.

Tip 3
Break up your work into smaller chunks. Complete a job before you start the next one. The satisfaction of seeing a job done reduced stress.

Tip 4
Make an effort to keep up outside interests. If the only thing left in your life is your work, your worries will get out of proportion.

Tip 5
Pay attention to your social life. Talking to people who care about you is an important safety valve.

Tip 6
Don't lose your confidence. People in work always under-rate their knowledge and skills. Sometimes it's only when they lose their job that they discover exactly how much they know!

Tip 7
Take regular breaks from work, especially if you work at a screen or are in long meetings. You work BETTER if you take a short break every 20-30 minutes and if you do take a break over lunch.

Tip 8
Take time for your family if you have one. Close emotional relationships - particularly with partners and children - suffer greatly when someone is stressed.

Tip 9
Stress isn't a guilty secret. See how your company can help. Good companies want you to work at optimum levels....and they have a duty of care to your physical and mental health. Around 40% of large companies now have stress care programmes.

Tip 10
Set yourself targets for these areas; e.g. at least one walk a day; going to a club once a week. You'll feel a greater sense of control over your life.


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